Stair Steppers & Climber Machines: Quickest Path To Fitness

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Getting in shape and staying that way is a very admirable goal, one that a large number of people have. Unfortunately, most of our day-to-day lives don’t seem to like to accommodate our fitness goals. So in that case, if you really would like to improve your health, one of the best things you can do is get a stair stepper or vertical climber exercise machine. This will enable you to reduce the amount of time that it takes you to stay fit. These machines do wonders for many different parts of the body, let’s take a look.

Your Lower Body, Legs, Thighs, And Behind Will Benefit Greatly

If having a nice behind, one that is very well defined, yet full and hard is important to you, then stair stepper or vertical climber machines are perfect for you because this is their number one asset. In addition to that, your thighs and calves will also get an excellent workout as well as your legs and quads. They will become lean, hard and very well defined as long as you continue your workouts.

The other great part of these types of machines are that they do a great job of increasing your cardiovascular fitness level. They are the equivalent of walking or running far more miles than you think because of the vertical nature. In other words, they are more like climbing a mountain than they are running on flat ground, and this is what gives your heart, lungs, and circulatory system a first-class workout.

These Types Of Workouts Burn A Lot Of Calories In A Short Period Of Time

One thing that you’ll notice is that you can burn a similar amount of calories if you if you walk 5 miles or run 5 miles. On the other hand, if you climb 5 miles you’ll burn a ton more calories than you would on flat ground. This is why many people that are short on time choose these types of exercise machines in order to burn more calories and get a better workout in the shortest period of time possible.

All of this exercise is great if you have a high-stress job and you need to unwind. Many research studies have shown that stress and anxiety can almost be completely cured by exercise and working out. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t take a week or two to see results, if you start working out after a hard and stressful day, within 15 minutes you will already feel better.

The hardest part will be getting the motivation to take the first step, but once you realize how much better you will feel, you will be able to easily overcome your procrastination. And the beauty of using exercise, rather than prescription drugs, is that not only are they better for you physically, but mentally as well. Plus, an addiction to working out can only make you live longer and be more healthy.

Losing Body Fat And Burning Calories Reduces Your Susceptibility To Type 2 Diabetes

Reducing the amount of body fat, especially around the midsection, but also the entire body, has the long-term effect of reducing the incidence of type II diabetes. Sitting at a desk all day and burning hardly any calories is the prescription for many easily preventable diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and plenty of other sedentary afflictions.

Many different studies have shown that just a 30-minute workout per day, where you increase your heart rate more than 25% above normal, will help you live longer and be healthier throughout your life.

When Using A Stair Stepper It’s Important To Focus On Your Motion

It’s important to always make a very consistent motion when you’re using a stair stepper machine. Although the same advice is consistent when walking or running, it is more important when you’re working out and trying to become more fit.

You’ll want to maintain your posture as perfectly as you can with your shoulders back, chest out and your back fairly straight. The reason this is important is that when you walk down the street the next day you will be able to maintain that same posture throughout your day.

This is just the opposite of walking with your shoulders slumped, body leaning forward and head hung low. By practicing your posture the entire time that you work out on your machine, you will gain a near perfect stance that will stay with you in everything you do. People with better posture breathe better, have fewer aches and pains, and are more attractive.

What Is The Main Difference Between A Stepper And Vertical Climber?

As you look at images of each of the different machines, it’s fairly obvious that the vertical climber uses much higher steps to simulate the motions that a person would need to climb a wall. On the other hand, a stair stepper is very much like walking up a flight of stairs.

The climber will typically use about 20% more calories because it is as if you’re climbing up the wall carrying the full weight of your body. In addition to that, most vertical climbers also have bars for each of your hands to hold which will also give your upper body a work out as well.

Most stair steppers, while some do have a set of handlebars to hold, are static and don’t move, so you don’t give your upper body nearly as much exercise as the vertical climber would. There are some vertical climbers that would be difficult to use in any kind of space that had a low ceiling, but most of the users that have them swear by their efficiency of burning calories as well as conditioning the body.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a workout machine, especially a stair stepper or vertical climber, it is strongly recommended that you visit a gym and use each of machines several times to see which one you would enjoy owning. In addition to that, it would also be a good idea to read some online reviews from verified customers to see how real owners of the machines feel about them as well. In our detailed reviews section, you’ll find extensive coverage of previous customer comments.

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