Reasons Why Vertical Climbing Machines Provide Great Workouts

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Cardio can be done in some ways. It is going to be specifically catered based on a person’s requirements, health, and various other factors such as where the workout is taking place. You have to weigh all of these details and then come up with a solution that works for you.

Vertical climbing machines are now popping up all over the market, from professional gyms to home users because they do a great job for those who want a proper cardio workout in their busy schedules.

Here are the reasons why vertical climbing machines provide great workouts and are a must.

Less Work More Weight Loss

For most people, the purpose of cardio is to lose weight. You want to expend energy and make sure you are burning off enough calories to shed weight. This is all you are going to care about if you fit into this category. If that is the goal you are going into a workout with, don’t you want a solution that is known for its effectiveness?

A vertical climbing machine is going to be the game changer you are on the look out for. It is going to make losing weight as easy as you need it to be (although losing weight is rarely easy in itself). You will be able to take less time and still lose a lot of weight. This is the nearest you’ll come to a perfect solution.

Easy On The Joints

The impact that is seen on your body with some of the other solutions can be awful, particularly if you have ailments like knee or back pain. Imagine running outside on the hard concrete. It is going to take a toll on your body, and that is something you will not be able to recover from right away. You will start to feel pain in your joints, and that is the worst feeling in the world when you need to get around.

Instead of dealing with joint pain, this is a machine that is going to be a low-impact option that does not tax your joints or body. We should point out, that you should always seek professional medical advice before starting a new exercise regime, especially if you suffer from joint pain, heart complaints or are simply starting from a poor fitness level.


The fact you can go with a machine that is controlled is always helpful. You can work away on the machine and know you are going to have a say over how the speeds are adjusted. Do you want to go faster? Do you want to go slower? It will always be up to you.

This is critical for a person that is thinking about going with a controlled option that works well and is proven. You will not find anything else like this on the market and that goes a long way towards explaining why this equipment is so popular.


Sometimes, a great workout is going to take place because you are having a lot of fun while you are at it. There are some workouts such as running on a treadmill where you are going to get bored. You will not want to do it any longer. You will be far more likely to get off the machine and quit. Do you want this to happen when you are getting closer to your goals?

No, you will want to keep trudging forward, and a good machine can become your best friend when it comes to knowing that you need to keep pushing. A vertical climbing machine is known for doing this.

Full Use Of Body

You will want to use your entire body when it comes to the workout that is taking place. Most people go with solutions where it is just their legs that are moving, such as bikes and treadmills. This is not good enough because you need to get the rest of your body involved as well – a vertical climbing machine is one option to do this for you. It is going to help with the rest of your body as you are going to get the legs, core, and arms involved in one way or another. This is a great advantage for your workout.


Don’t you want something that is simple? A great workout is not possible when your mind is running at a hundred miles per hour just to focus on what you are doing. This is tough and not something you are ever going to want to see happen.

Instead, you are going to want something that is simple and to the point. You will want to get on the machine and know that the workout is going to be a good one and is going to help you to lose weight and feel better about yourself in general.


The results are going to come in fast and that is the best part about time invested on a climber. You are able to race ahead and take a few minutes out of your day and know it is going to be enough to maximize the effort you are putting in. The calories will be lost quickly and you will know the right approach is being taken with this machine.

This is a must for those who are tired of using cardio solutions that are slow and below par in general. You need something powerful and to the point, which is why the vertical climbing machine is a no-brainer.

Easily Adjustable

Those who are using these machines will know they are easy to adjust. This is good because other machines are not always so straightforward, and you have to conform to what they are giving you. This is troubling because you can only workout at a particular pace or intensity, and that is not optimal. Instead of letting that happen, these machines are adjustable and will not cause issues of that sort.

Many machines will be put in front of you, and some are going to be good. There are others that are not as effective and should be removed from the list of options you have. We always try to be open, honest and objective in our reviews, which is why you’ll see a whole section dedicated to customer comments. We’ve put a great deal of research into the write ups, which ultimately come together to form our top ten best vertical climbers table.

This is a powerhouse and one that is going to make sure you are getting a good cardio workout every single time you hop on. What more do you want from a machine in this day and age? You will never see results like this.

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