Randy Ross Stepper Bike Review

It’s called the Randy Ross Stepper and the idea is to take the elliptical machine out of the gym and onto the open road.The Stepper is a fitness bike that takes the stationary elliptical step trainer to the street. It’s a great innovation for anyone who wants a low-impact exercise without the hassle and expense of a gym membership. For the best workout and most power, you rock the handle bars from side-to-side, set your feet at the very end of the wooden planks and push step as much as you want.

Randy Ross Stepper Bike Review

However, the Randy Ross Stepper bike is totally seat-less, so the rider is forced to maintain a better posture than you would on an ordinary fitness bike or road bike.

Randy Ross Stepper Bike Features

  • Frame made of aluminum 6061 heat-treated tubing
  • Cro-moly fork
  • 3G Clever handle bars (adjustable for height and angle)
  • Threadless 90 mm Stem
  • 8 speeds
  • Front 3G Hoggy 24-inch tire and rear Twenty-G 20-inch tire
  • 11-ply Canadian maple wood deck
  • 29 lbs

The 8-speed Stepper Hammer model looks pretty tough in matt-black and it proved to be a lot of fun, too. But make no mistake, this isn’t some laid-back beach cruiser, it’s a fierce workout. Virtual hilly terrain is a direct challenge to your thighs and gluts, and a half-hour on this bike, even on flat terrain, will have you sweating. Imagine an elliptical stationary and a road bike all in one.

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A total body fitness machine that will give you the workout of your life. You feel rejuvenated and experience a true full body fitness workout every time you take it out.


  • The awkward shape and the heft of the frame make it difficult to transport
  • Hard to maneuver in tight surroundings.
  • Takes time to get comfortable with the bike, especially with starting and stopping.

Priced at $799, this bike isn’t cheap. But it does look cool and provides a serious low-impact workout outdoors.

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