Elliptical vs Treadmills

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When it comes to efforts for weight loss, people are aware of how home gym equipment can be very helpful to do succeed it. Today it is very easy to find nearly all kind of fitness tools you can imagine. Although most of these gym facilities tend to be expensive, there are many ways available to access them without paying too much.

For example by getting membership from a gym club allowing you to use the gym machines. Many people choose to do this in order to keep their workout in regular basis. However, for some others buying home gym equipment seems to be more reliable option particularly when they are in group of people (could be friend or family members) who have similar interest to do the fitness exercise together.

Home Gym Equipments – Why Ellipticals and Treadmills?

When money is not an issue for you to get those expensive gym machines and you plan to do your workout together with members of your family, then it is now the time to think carefully which kind of gym equipment you should choose. currently when thinking about ideal home gym equipment the two fitness machines, elliptical and treadmill, are among the most popular and beneficial options available.


As long as both machines have been around, the dispute surrounding the elliptical vs treadmill inevitable has raged on. Although  Home fitness equipment is certainly not cheap while the time required for working out is precious many insist that it still makes sense to invest in buying these two gym machines as they can give people the best results in losing weight that they dream of.

Home Gym Equipment Option –  Ellipticals or Treadmills?

The problem arises as usually people have to choose between Elliptical and Treadmills because it could be very costly to have both machines. Elliptical trainers and treadmills are in fact the top notched, two best-selling home gym equipment respectively.

However, an essential question might arise, which one that truly works best at burning the most calories? Of course there is a lot of arguments out there as a lot of people favoring both pieces of equipment. However, in terms of which machine between two that really burns the most fat, the the answer is not only just cut and dry.


In spite of what you may have understood about these home gym equipment, elliptical trainers and treadmills have the potential to burn approximately similar number of calories. Working out on an elliptical can deliver nearly the same results as running on a treadmill, and vice versa. The main factor influencing how many calories that one can burn on elliptical trainers or treadmills or is more about how he or she uses them.

There is even a study that demonstrated that both home gym equipment, the elliptical machine and treadmill has difference  in terms of the number of calories burned when used. The outcome of this study is that what determines how much fat that one can ultimately burn using both treadmill and elliptical machine is the intensity of his or her workouts on both machines.

According to the above study, it is clear that you should make your purchasing decision based on which home gym equipment that you will satisfy you the most and which one will support you to really use it. If a treadmill is more fun to you and as a result you tend to stick with your workout program, then definitely a treadmill is for you. However, if you are less favored to run or jog then an elliptical machine s a better investment.

Tips in Choosing Home Gym Equipments

After all, when choosing the right home gym equipment, including when deciding between elliptical machines and treadmills, you should consider your health. a lot of buddies find that working out on a treadmill can be too heavy for their joints. Even though compared to jogging or running the treadmills are relatively easier on the joints there is still significant more impact on joints and knees than that when using an elliptical machine. Thus, if you have issues  with your ankles and knees, or have joint pain condition, then an elliptical machine would be a better option.

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