Diamondback 500SR Fitness Bike Review

The Diamondback 500SR, as we figured it would be pretty cheap looking and of low quality construction, but it’s proving to be a popular choice and we thought we’d give it a go.

The bike arrived in a large box, which gave the impression there was a substantial amount of assembly to do but there were only about ten pieces that needed to be put together and it took less than an hour for one person to assemble.

Diamondback 500SR Fitness Bike

One nice touch was were the instructions asked for screws that we thought would be in the hardware kit, but which were already screwed in place. You simply needed to unscrew them, align the part and then screw them back in. Overall, the Diamondback 500SR was very easy to put together.

The Diamondbacks display looks better than Schwinn’s and the bike rides about the same as a Schwinn 230. The display feedback includes Time, Pulse, Calories, Intensity Level, RPM, Speed, Distance and Watts.

Being a recumbent bike it is popular with people who have lower back problems. The bike is very comfortable and the adjustments on the seat provide good levels of support that back pain suffers need. The bike’s step-through frame offers easy entry and exit with no need to throw your leg over the frame.

Diamondback 500SR Fitness Bike Review

The Diamondback 500SR has 16 resistance levels that will challenge most fitness ambitions. These include Manual Mode, Fat Burning Intervals, Glute Max Hill Climb, Target Heart Rate and a Custom Trainer Program.

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The one downside is the fan, which is a good feature on more expensive bikes and desirable if you’re exercising in hot humid areas. However, although designed to fit the bike the fan fails to displace any measurable air and is largely ineffective.

The Diamondback 500SR doesn’t come anywhere near the large commercial fitness bikes you will find in your local gym but you do get what you pay for and with its affordable price you will be happy with your purchase.

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